1500W Portable Power Station

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1500W Portable Power Station


? Use safe LiFePO4 automotive power battery, with a cycle life greater than 2500 + times and high temperature resistance
? with?HD touch screen,dynamic real-time display
? Multiple output interfaces,simultaneous use of multiple devices
? Dual type-C 100W super fast charging,1500W sine wave output will not damage electrical appliances
? USB super fast charging
? Super cooling system,App intelligent operation
? Easy to carry with handle design
? Small, Light, Highly integrated, fit for camping trip
? Cover protection & warning design
? RoHS eco-friendly design
? Cell approved by UL1642, IEC62133, UN38.3 certification
? Dual PD 100w super fast charging, which can be used by multiple devices at the same time
? With LED search light and brightness stepless dimming
? has extra dual wireless charging funtion
??Multiple protection to ensure safety

1.Specification of portable 12v battery pack

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Model1500W Portable Power Supply
Battery Capacity1280Wh
Cell typeLithium iron phosphate
AC adaptor charging30V=12A 360W Max
Car charging12V7.5A?100W,24V7.5A?180W?Max
Solar Panel Input12V-30V 10.3A ?300W Max
Type-C PD Output(100W)*2 output5V=3A;9V3A;12V3A;15V3A;20V5A 200WMax
DC 5521 ports Output*2 DC5V/9V/12V/15V=10A 150W Max,20V/24V=6.5A 156W Max?can adjust and choose voltage
AC OutputPure Sine Wave Output??*2?????
AC Continuous Output:1500W ????
AC Max Output:3000W @ 1seconds?
AC Voltage: 110VAC±5%(220V)???????
Output Frequency:60/50HZ
USB output4*QC3.0 output,5V=3A,9V=3A,12V=3A,15V=3A,20V=5A 200W Max
LED lighting12V10W?Max
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Operation temperature-10℃-40℃
Lifecycle2500 times
Charge While DischargeSupport
Product Size309*225*241mm
MultiSafety Protections

a. Short-circuit protection/

b. Over-current protection/

c. Over-voltage protection/

d. Low-voltage protection/

e. Over-load Protection/

f. Over-temperature protection/


2.Bock diagram

3.Outline Drawing

4.System Wiring Diagram

14.4V 50Ah Portable Power Supply Backup Battery

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